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Introduction: Autoclickers – programs that automate clicks in games. Their usage boosts gameplay efficiency, especially with time-limited accelerations. In this article, we’ll explore using an autoclicker for the acceleration button and discuss ethical considerations.

Main Section: Autoclickers automate mouse clicks and key presses. They enhance efficiency, saving time and effort. With an autoclicker, players can focus on other tasks while the acceleration is clicked automatically.

Conclusion: Autoclickers can significantly speed up progress and improve gameplay efficiency. However, it’s crucial to follow game rules and ethical standards, ensuring a fair gaming experience without creating unfair advantages for other players.

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  1. Installation from Google Play Market:
    • Open the Google Play Market on your device.
    • Enter “autoclicker” in the search bar and find a suitable application.
    • Install the chosen autoclicker on your device, following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Granting permissions:
    • After installing the autoclicker, open it on your device.
    • Upon the first launch, the autoclicker may prompt you to grant necessary permissions, such as screen access or device access.
    • Allow all the required permissions for the autoclicker to function properly.
  3. Setting the click timing:
    • After granting permissions to the autoclicker, open its settings.
    • In the settings, find the “Click Timing” or similar option.
    • Set the desired time delay between each click. This will allow you to control the speed and frequency of the automatic clicks.
  4. Launching the autoclicker:
    • Launch the application or game in which you want to use the autoclicker.
    • Arrange the screen and position it where the automatic clicks should be performed.
    • Go back to the autoclicker and find the “Start” or similar option.
    • Tap on this option, and the autoclicker will begin automatically performing clicks at the specified location on the screen.
  5. Enjoy:
    • Now you can enjoy the automation and relax while the autoclicker autonomously performs clicks at the designated location on the screen.

Now you have the instructions on how to use an autoclicker on your device.


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