Praise to the Province: How to Level Up Your Skill and Achieve Greater Success in Castle Development

If you’re a fan of games, especially strategy games, then you undoubtedly know that castle development is one of the crucial aspects of such games. You need to build your castle, fortify it, and make it impregnable to enemies. However, in order to achieve this goal, you must be able to reap maximum rewards for your efforts. How can you accomplish this? By leveling up the “Praise to the Province” skill.

What is the “Praise to the Province” skill? The “Praise to the Province” skill is the ability to receive additional rewards for completing quests and missions in the game. As you develop this skill, you can unlock more chests and receive double rewards. This, in turn, helps you to progress your castle faster and acquire more resources and bonuses.

How to level up the “Praise to the Province” skill? Leveling up the “Praise to the Province” skill may seem like a challenging task, but it’s actually quite straightforward. The primary way to level up this skill is by completing quests and missions in the game. The more quests and missions you undertake, the more experience you gain, and the faster you level up the “Praise to the Province” skill. Additionally, you can utilize special items that enhance your rewards for completing quests and missions.

Why is it important to level up the “Praise to the Province” skill? Leveling up the “Praise to the Province” skill brings several advantages to castle development and your overall gaming career. Firstly, it helps you acquire more resources that are necessary for castle development. Secondly, it enables you to obtain more bonuses and rewards, allowing you to progress through levels faster and develop in the game. Thirdly, it helps you become a more successful player who can keep up with and even surpass other players.

By focusing on leveling up the “Praise to the Province” skill, you can enhance your gameplay experience, advance your castle, and elevate your success in the game.

Proper Planning for the ROE Gameplay Process

Proper Planning for the ROE Gameplay Process

One of the crucial elements of planning the gameplay process in Rise of Empires is time management. It involves allocating the necessary time for the game each day, ensuring maximum efficiency and progress in empire development.

Here’s a breakdown of the designated days and corresponding events in the game:

  • Monday: Resource Collection – Focus on gathering valuable resources to fuel your empire’s growth.
  • Tuesday: Construction – Devote your efforts to building and enhancing your structures and base.
  • Wednesday: Research – Explore new technologies and advancements to strengthen your army and boost your economy.
  • Thursday: Heroes – Recruit and level up powerful heroes, unlocking their unique abilities and enhancing your strategic capabilities.
  • Friday: Troops – Train and upgrade your military forces, reinforcing your army and expanding your dominion.
  • Saturday: Slaughter – Engage in battles and conflicts to conquer territories, acquire additional resources, and establish your dominance.
  • Sunday: Chosen Event – Select your preferred event for the day, whether it’s participating in tournaments, engaging in player-versus-player combat, or pursuing other exciting opportunities.

By strategically planning your actions and time allocation, you can optimize your gameplay experience and drive the growth and success of your empire in Rise of Empires. Embrace the challenges and opportunities each day brings, and forge a path to dominance and prosperity.


The required number of medals to roll the "Praise to the Province" is:

TechnologyMaximum levelTotal medals
1Mass production102540
2Scouting group12540
3High-level reward11190
4Weaponry expert 103380
5Targeted cleansing157620
6War preparation 157620
7Increase in carrying capacity157620
8Pre-war mobilization 157620
9Super rewards 11350
10Motivation for collecting 155070
11Motivation for construction 155070
12Motivation for research155070
13Motivation for destruction155070
14Motivation for battling monsters 155070
15Motivation for wisdom155070
16Motivation for growth155070
17Motivation for recruitment 155 070
18Weaponry expert 2020320
19New reward12540
In total:233104910


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