Rise of Empires is an exciting strategy game where you lead your people to prosperity and victory over other empires. To achieve success, you need to build and develop various buildings. Buildings in the game are divided into several categories, such as resource buildings, military buildings, qualification buildings, and population buildings. In this article, we will discuss the buildings and their levels in Rise of Empires.
Castle is the main building in the game that needs to be constructed first. Its level determines the maximum level of other buildings you can construct. The castle level also affects the maximum number of troops you can have.
Tavern is a building that allows you to have as much population as possible. The level of the tavern also affects the maximum amount of gold you can mine. Whenever you upgrade the castle, the tavern also needs to be upgraded. In the absence of food and ale, the entire population does not die, but decreases to a certain level.
Hospital is a building that allows you to heal wounded soldiers from battles. The level of the hospital affects the speed of health recovery for your injured troops.
Quarry is a building that produces stone, which is necessary for the construction of other buildings and training troops.
Farm is a building that produces food, which is necessary for sustaining your troops. The higher the level of the farm, the more food it produces.
Archery Range is a building that allows you to train ranged troops such as archers and crossbowmen.
Mint is a building that produces coins, which are necessary for various actions in the game, such as training troops and constructing buildings. (The productivity of mints depends on the population and the availability of coal.)
Embassy is a building that allows you to assist other players.
Hippodrome is a building that allows you to train cavalry troops, such as cavalry and horse archers. The level of the hippodrome also affects the speed of movement for your cavalry troops.
Academy is a building that allows you to improve the qualifications of your troops. Upgradethe corresponding skills for each type of troops – the higher the upgrade, the stronger the troops become. The secret of T6 troops can be upgraded to T8. But there is no T7.

Town Hall allows you to place heroes in it, and as a result, receive benefits from the heroes located there.

Fortress is a building that allows you to defend your empire against attacks from other players. The level of the fortress affects the fortification. The lower the fortification, the faster you can be burned. You can also control troops that are stationed in the garrison to defend your empire. Alternatively, you can disable defense during KE to prevent other provinces from scoring points.

Each category of buildings has several levels. The higher the level of a building, the more resources and time it requires for construction and upgrades. However, the higher the level of a building, the more capabilities and advantages it provides for your empire in Rise of Empires.

Below is a table regarding the upgrade of your castle. In this game, you can upgrade everything that is essential – time and money.

Castle levelGoldIronWoodMarbleFoodCoalBuildings
10180K100K69K150K69K28KTavern 9, Hospital 9
11280K150K69K200K96K42KTavern 10, Quarry 10
12420К250K160K300K160K62KTavern 11, Farm 11
13590K400K260K500K260K93KTavern 12, Quarry 12
14830K600K410K800K410K140KTavern 13, Archery Range 13
151,1M1M730K1M730K200KTavern 14, Mint 14
161,6M1.5M1M2M1M300KTavern 15, Embassy 15, Population 70K
172,5M2.5M2M3M2M500KTavern 16, Baptismal Church 16, Hippodrome 16
184.4M4M4M5M4M700KTavern 17, Farm 17
197.7M8M7M10M7M1MTavern 18, Coal Workshop 18, Population 120K
2013M16M12M20M12M1,4MTavern 19, Sawmill 19
2117М28М19М38М19М1,8МTavern 20, Brewery 20
2221M42M28M57M28M2,4MTavern 21, Mint 21, Population 210K
2325M57M38M76M38M3MTavern 22, Iron Mine 22
2429M74M50M99M50M3,4MTavern 23, Hippodrome 23
2534M89M60M120M60M3,9MTavern 24, Embassy 24, Population 350K

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