On this diagram, you can see the correct placement of the Alliance Center in the “Kingdom Chaos” event. In order to successfully build the Alliance Center, R5 leaders must coordinate where it will be located on the map. Typically, the strongest alliance occupies a corner of the map, while weaker alliances are built in close proximity to each other. Additionally, it is important to place the Academy and Farms strategically on the map to optimize resource usage and enhance the alliance’s efficiency.

As you can see on the diagram, the alliance centers are shown at a distance of 40 tiles. It is crucial to follow these coordinates when constructing the Alliance Center; otherwise, it may disrupt the progress and hinder the construction of all alliances.

Comment on the image: Chaos 2 in Province 633.

Option 2 (in the top left corner of the map) is the favorite spot of all top players.


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