A brief overview of the event Kingdom of Chaos

There are several seasons of the Kingdom of Chaos. Let’s talk about the most interesting of them are the first and second. If you are reading this article, then you are still a beginner and you would like to understand the essence of this event, so let’s start…. The very essence of this event is […]

Building guide, castle level and required ROE resources

Rise of Empires is an exciting strategy game where you lead your people to prosperity and victory over other empires. To achieve success, you need to build and develop various buildings. Buildings in the game are divided into several categories, such as resource buildings, military buildings, qualification buildings, and population buildings. In this article, we […]

Ministers in the game Rise of empires

Every week, the king of the province must give buffs to the players. The photo above shows examples of buffs that can be obtained. Buffs should be distributed fairly between alliances, including the buffs of the knight and guardsman.

Building Placement Scheme around the Alliance Center in the Chaos Event.

This image presents an optimal building placement scheme for the alliance center in the “Kingdom of Chaos” event, suitable for 96 players. In case the alliance is already full, instructions for coalition building are also provided. The responsibility for construction guidance usually lies with leaders of R4-R5, which may require significant effort and patience. To […]

What a level 16 ROE farm looks like

Farm Castle Level 16 Welcome to our website! We offer services for creating and selling farms in the game Rise of Empires. Our farms are created by professional bots, guaranteeing high quality and fast development of your empire. You can buy a farm in Roe right now and start developing your empire with us. Our […]

How to Create a Cool Avatar in the Game

Creating a cool avatar in games is one of the most popular tasks among players. An avatar can not only help you stand out from other players but also convey your individuality and style. But how can you create an avatar that is unique and stylish? One of the ways is by using neural networks. […]

Map of the game ROE (Rise of Emporia)

Rise of Empires (ROE) is an engaging strategy game where players can build and manage their own empire. The game features multiple provinces, each with its own unique characteristics and resources. In this article, we will explore the province map in ROE. The province map is an important tool for players to understand the layout […]

Psychology of gaming based on Nietzsche’s concept.

 Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most influential philosophers of the 19th century, introduced the concept of the “will to power,” which not only reflects his philosophical views but can also be applied to the psychology of gamers. In the gaming world, every player strives for victory. However, why do players have such a strong desire […]

Praise to the Province and the Dead Man’s Chest.

Praise to the Province: How to Level Up Your Skill and Achieve Greater Success in Castle Development If you’re a fan of games, especially strategy games, then you undoubtedly know that castle development is one of the crucial aspects of such games. You need to build your castle, fortify it, and make it impregnable to […]