There are several seasons of the Kingdom of Chaos. Let’s talk about the most interesting of them are the first and second. If you are reading this article, then you are still a beginner and you would like to understand the essence of this event, so let’s start….

The very essence of this event is to bring the road to the center of the enemy alliance and destroy it.

Building an Alliance Center (CA)

How the event begins – of course, with the construction of the alliance center, how to build alliance centers correctly, I described in this article: Building an Alliance Center on the map in the Chaos event. Game: Rise of Empires.

So that they form a single network, a monolith to protect the centers of top alliances. Top alliances usually stand in the corner and farm alliances close the edges.

P.S. The center of the alliance is built for stones, so ask all members of the alliance to save a stone in advance. To have enough for all 4 alliance centers.

The construction of buildings around CA

Step 2. After building the alliance center, the leaders of R4-R5 arrange buildings around the alliance center in such a way as to cover as large an area as possible, because the further the road will lead to your center, the more difficult it will be for your opponent. After all, the takeaway in the kingdom of chaos event is limited. For more information about the arrangement of buildings around the alliance center, I described in this article: Building Placement Scheme around the Alliance Center in the Chaos Event.

Building a chess set

Step 3. After building the center of the alliance, all members build a defense of the tiles – a chess board, there are several types of chess, you can agree to build chess pieces on even numbers of coordinates, or odd coordinates, both numbers are even tile coordinates, example 156:230, or both numbers are odd example 157:231. After building the grid, incorrect tiles are worth leaving.

The purpose of chess

  1. The main task of chess is not to let the enemy put a frontline position in a row with your alliance center. After all, it’s easier to bring the road this way.
  2.  Do not give the opportunity to teleport enemy castles near your alliance center, because the closer to the center of the CA, the faster you can make the road.

Declaration of war

The leaders of R4-R5 choose the time of war by first agreeing on the time of war with other members. There are three times of war at 00:00 in the game, +8:00 in the game, and only if you have not declared war (there was no opponent) at these two times 0:00 and +8:00, at +16:00 you can declare war. The opponent can also be selected for stones as shown in the figure. It is better to choose opponents in advance to whom you want to declare war. And at exactly 0:00, you can enter the kingdom of chaos event – and start declaring war on your opponent. If you log in in advance, the war declaration button will not become active. Proper planning and wars are the key to success. You can have several treaty wars, but it’s not very interesting, but sometimes there is no other choice. Usually wars are declared to other states, wars are usually negotiated between their own.

Frontline position

After the declaration of war, the leaders of R4-R5 put up a frontline position and from it begin to lead the way to the enemy CA. The front position cannot be placed in any place, in the figure I highlighted in green where the first front position can be placed. It is from the front position that the road begins to lead in the drawing. The closer it is to the opponent’s CA, the closer it is to lead the road from the slabs.

p/s the road can be led from your tiles if they are left over from previous wars.


If you have a good asset, a strong alliance, you are well aware of the strategy and tactics of choosing an opponent, you have allies in other states, then you will always win and be in the top.

Awards of the season

After the end of the season, the leader of R5 distributes awards to the most active and best players, those who drove roads, who cleaned enemy plates, who participated in wars. Who worked all season for the benefit of victory.

p/s why everyone wants the awards of the season, because of the seasonal scrolls that give guaranteed hiring of seasonal heroes, because seasonal heroes are much stronger than usual, play and win, may the power of friends come with you.


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